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Organizations understand that a significant element of their corporate assets are the data, which is generated and stored in corporate IT systems. Realizing its importance, more and more organizations are taking advantage of utilizing these assets and are operating more efficiently. Despite these developments, most companies possess untapped business opportunities in their organizational data assets. Even if it is a simple performance measurement method or a forecast, a BI solution often provides an effective path to follow.

Rbhu specialises in delivery of Microsoft Data Analytics solutions and Business Intelligence consulting services. We help support our customer's journey forward on the path to success through our competent technical experts, rich industry knowledge, Agile delivery and optimised performance.

We partner with our customers to create sustainable business value through increased governance and accountability, increased visibility in operations, reduced data complexity, increased compliance with internal and external regulations and increased decision making and flexibility to match the pace of market changes

Rbhu consultants are highly experienced professionals that are looking to engage with your business to provide solutions that will deliver accurate information that can be used to make intelligent data-driven decisions. We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with you—and finding the right solutions for your business.

Advanced Analytics

  • 1000-PBI
  • 2000-MPP
  • 3000-EXL
  • 4000-ADP
  • 7000-MSO
  • 8000-O365
  • 9000-EPM
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Azure Data Platform
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft O365
  • Enterprise Project Management

Learning that Powers Performance

Onsite-Programs | Open-Workshops | Web-Training | e-Learning | Computer-Simulation

Organizations that succeed today realize that learning must never stop - that it is essential to place training and development at the heart of the organization, in order to maximize opportunities and succeed in our rapidly changing environment. We recognize and value this fluidity, continually reviewing and updating our training programs to meet the unprecedented challenges being set in today's marketplace.

Learning is not an option - it’s a business necessity! We all must learn to adapt, adjust, move quickly in changing markets, apply new rules and integrate new technologies. Nothing is standing still - and you can't afford to, either.

Rbhu has earned a reputation as a leader in corporate learning. The contents of our curriculum and the experience of our instructors and consultants are unsurpassed. We continue to be at the forefront of innovative learning and methods and techniques. We offer a wide variety of delivery mechanisms to ensure that our clients learning experiences are a perfect fit for their needs and business objectives.

Our Services

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Fast & Efficient Data Pipelines

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Predictive Insights

Price Optimization

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Predictive Maintenance

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